You’ve chosen each other and you’re planning your wedding. This is one of the most special days of your life, so why not pull out all the stops and create a wedding as unique as you are? Intimate or large, formal or relaxed, let me help you create the day you’ve dreamed of – after all, the day is all about you!

To help make this dream a reality, I would be delighted to meet with you to hear your ideas and help you plan for your special day. You may prefer a fabulous classic ceremony, or perhaps your heart is set on a “country churchyard” setting; then again you might have thought of an ancient Celtic ritual or something more contemporary. Whatever your preferences, I am happy to explore the various options and include any special “bespoke” elements that you might like and are appropriate e.g. hand-fasting, ring-warming, or unity symbols – the list is endless! As part of planning your ceremony, we can also discuss what music you would like that has a special meaning for you, find readings that you love, or write your own vows or design some other element of the wedding that will make your guests smile and say “that’s so them!”. You can also think about who you would like to include in the service, to do readings or perform music and together we will put it together, piece by piece, like the most intricate mosaic until even you are surprised by how perfect it is.

On the day itself, there’s no rush – I’m with you for that day, so take your time, savour every moment and enjoy yourselves. These special times have a habit of flying by too quickly, before we get to really appreciate them.

By working closely together we will create a day that is highly inclusive, truly personal, and exceeds all your expectations. It’s amazing the difference a day makes, so yours should begin with the perfect ceremony, and together we can make that happen!

Unity Candle Ceremony

Unity candle ceremonies are popular and beautiful ceremony rituals. They symbolize the joining together of two distinct personalities in devoted partnership. They’re also chosen to represent the blending of two separate families into one. A candle lighting ceremony can take place at any time during the marriage ceremony, but usually fits seamlessly after the vow or ring exchange, as a continuation of these symbols of love and commitment. A single, larger centre candle is lit from two smaller candles by the individual partners to symbolise the joining together of two individuals into a devoted union.

Ring Warming

Before your rings are exchanged they are passed around your guests, each will take a moment to hold them and send good wishes, prayers and loving thoughts into the rings. They then return “warmed” by the hands of those you love.  Ring warming is an ideal way to include every single one of your guests and creates a moving start to your ceremony. This ritual is better suited to smaller weddings of less than 100 guests due to the amount of time involved in passing the rings between guests. A lovely element to add to this is where the rings are bound by decorative cord or ribbon in the wedding colours to ensure they are not dropped /separated whilst passing among the guests. It can also provide the opportunity for the performance of one of your pieces of music.

Handfasting Ceremony

A tradition that dates back in time, this beautiful ceremony is all about “tying the knot”. Hands are linked with ribbons, lace or cords in the infinity symbol, joining together two hearts and minds.

Close family and friends can share in this ceremony by draping the ribbons over the hands of the couple and there are many beautiful readings and wishes that can be incorporated into the ceremony. A keepsake bag and a dated parchment are provided to keep your knot safe and sound.

First Kiss Last Kiss

Specially for the Mothers, who gave their child their first kiss when they were born and will give them their last kiss as a single individual, wishing them love with their new partner.

Unity Sand Ceremony

This ceremony is ideal for any wedding or naming celebration and symbolises the joining of families.  Multi coloured sands, each representing a person or a strength, are poured into a glass container. Once mixed the grains can never be separated. Families with children find this a meaningful ceremony with the children being involved in this special moment.


One of the benefits of engaging me to perform your ceremony is that this can be conducted in locations other than a church or registry office.  The only stipulations, to comply with legislation are that the venue must be an actual address and generally open to the public.

The other legalities that apply are the same as those for any wedding. These can be found here:

Locations Served

Inclusive Ceremonies is pleased to provide services across the counties of Wicklow, Wexford, Dublin and Kildare. Ceremonies can also be provided in other locations across the country, please make contact to discuss.