I grew up in a family business in the north west of Ireland. It was here that I began my working career and here too, that I learned about engaging with and getting to know people.

Moving to Dublin for third-level study, I gained a Diploma in Psychotherapy and a further Diploma in Health and Social Care. Following these initial third-level studies I spent time in South Africa, India, Australia and Eastern Europe. Returning to Ireland in the late 90s I obtained a BA (Honours) in Health and Social Care and worked in residential care and step-down support services. After this, I moved to work in the public employment service as a placement officer, a role in which I met a diverse and interesting range of people.

My extensive travels, broad academic pursuits and working life nurtured my interest in people and what is important to them. This was part of the impetus that motivated me to pursue a vocation in celebrancy. Every opportunity that allows me to share key moments, such as performing a wedding ceremony for a couple or a funeral for a family who has lost a loved one, reminds me of the honour bestowed upon me to be a part of these important moments with people.

For many years I have had a deep desire to better understand life, its meaning, purpose and the journey that we all take from birth to death; all that people may experience, enjoy, celebrate and encounter between these two significant events that bookend the span that is a person’s existence.  This interest led me to initially undertake a course in lay ministry, many years ago, and more recently to undertake a Certificate in Interfaith Dialogue and Peace before studying to become a non-denominational celebrant and a state registered-solemniser for marriages. I have also completed courses in supporting those experiencing bereavement and grief, as well as working alongside people and families coping with a life-limiting prognosis.

Having moved to live in Co Wicklow some years previously, the year 2016 saw me marry my long-time partner and also the loss of my dear mother. So, as you will appreciate, I experienced my greatest joy and greatest sorrow within a matter of months. This time in my life galvanised me to follow my aspiration for a more holistic and personal form of career and I embarked upon a further programme of study; during which time I completed my MA in Mediation, Doctorate in Philosophy, and was finally commissioned as a Celebrant in ESF and a State-Registered Solemniser of Marriages.

I now live in a lovely part of Wicklow town with my husband Tim, and of course, our Golden Retriever Cora!